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Reverse Osmosis systems are considered one of the great technological breakthroughs of this century.

They process water at a molecular level … a step far beyond filters.


Reverse osmosis is the same process that major water and beverage bottling companies use, the medical field uses this technology in kidney dialyses to clean impurities from blood. You can feel confident that the full spectrum of impurities are removed, including dissolved salts, disinfection by-products (IE chlorine), and undesirable organics/inorganics.

Don’t be fooled by the companies who claim their reverse osmosis gives you 20, 30, or 40 gallons per day. The tighter the membrane (i.e. 9 gallons per day) the higher the quality of water. Nine gallons per day is more than sufficient for a family’s drinking and cooking needs. Should your family require more quality drinking water, Assured Water can easily use a larger storage tank and/or a secondary tank to provide you with a sufficient supply to meet your individual needs.



The R/O 5000 utilizes three pre- treatment filters that prepare the water for the R/O Membrane. One 1 Micron Pre-filter and 2 Coconut carbon filters. These filters remove sediment and volatile organics to protect you, and the membrane in your reverse osmosis system. The membrane works by forcing ordinary water (using your homes water pressure) against a membrane element, water molecules are separated from impurities. The rejected impurities are rinsed down the drain, leaving only clean water for you. After the R/O Membrane, an in-line T-33 post filter polishes the water removing any remaining taste and odor before delivering it to you from the holding tank via the faucet.


This state-of-the-art filtration and absorption system is installed under your kitchen sink and has its own polished stainless steel faucet that provides you with clean, clear, quality water at your fingertips.


1 Micron Pre-Filter: A micron is a unit of measurement 1 micron =1/1000th millimetre The average strand of hair is approximately 10 microns. The smaller the micron number the smaller the particles that the filter will remove. The R.O. 5000 incorporates a 1 micron food grade filter, most R.O. systems sold are 5 micron filters, thus allowing the passage of unwanted sediment particles . These sediment particles shorten the useful life of the membrane. The 1 micron filter is able to stop these particles from entering your drinking water and ensuring its purity, while extending the life of your membrane.


Coconut Carbon Filters: Assured uses only the finest Coconut carbon in its filters. This Carbon comes from the coconut shell, an organic source, Vs: bituminous coal based carbon (petroleum source) used in most carbon filters. The coconut shell has become the best source of activated carbon for water treatment and air purification. Activated carbon from coconut shells is a pure virgin material. Coconut carbon has only 3-4% ash content after activation, which makes it possible to use with no chemical or acid treatment, unlike bituminous coal based carbon. Coal consists of varying amounts of carbon and volatile materials and of impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus, incombustible rock materials and moisture. Coal is good for fuel, however use in water filtration require chemical treatment like acid washing before safely using it because of the high ash content (8-12%). This process can leave an acid residue on the activated carbon.


Membrane: Water molecules are very small. Only minute molecules are able to pass through the pores of an R.O. Membrane (See diagram below). Even dissolved mineral molecules are too large to penetrate the pores. Such contaminants as pesticides, bacteria, and viruses have a relatively large and complex molecular structure, which are unable to pass through the pores of the membrane, so they get flushed down the drain . A few dissolved gases are able to pass through the pores, but are removed by the coconut carbon post-filter.


T-33 Post-Filter: These filters remove any remaining taste or odors, add oxygen to the water ensuring crisp, clean tasting, water you will love.


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