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The Liberty 1™ water conditioner works by redirecting hard water coming into your home through a tank containing all natural high grade resin.

liberty1The resin collects all the calcium, magnesium and other undesirable minerals that cause water to become “Hard”. Once the resin is full the electronic control system draws brine water into the tank causing the minerals to release from the resin beads through an ionic exchange process. Resin is like a magnet, minerals cling to it, when water containing these minerals pass by it. During the backwash cycle, salt brine the same solution you make pickles or pastrami with, releases the minerals from the resin beads then flushes the minerals along with the salt brine down the drain The system then rinses itself & fills the tank for the next cleaning automatically. The electronic computer controlled valve automatically regenerates the ion exchange resin and cleans the conditioner. Leaving good clean mineral free water.

The Results:

  • Beverages and prepared foods taste better.
  • Ice cubes are clearer and better tasting.
  • Clothes are whiter, brighter, and cleaner using far less soap. No fabric softener is needed.
  • Clothes last much longer because no harsh chemicals are required to clean them.
  • Pipes and appliances last far longer.
  • Stains around drains and scale build-up are eliminated on shower heads, faucets, and shower doors.
  • Soap and shampoos rinse out more completely leaving hair softer, cleaner and residue-free.
  • Skin is cleaner and softer, eliminating the need for body lotions that may contain harsh chemicals.
  • No more dry skin and in some cases it eliminates many skin rashes such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

The entire Unit is backed by an unbeatable 10 year warranty from Assured Water, Inc.